Fabio Vedovelli || VED Client and Server-side Web Developer

console.warn("I love to build stuff with Javascript!");


Here is the list of my skills that I consider VERY GOOD and I can definitely use to work!

  • Javascript 10+ years of experience
  • HTML 10+ years of experience
  • PHP 8+ years of experience
  • CSS 6+ years of experience
  • English 4+ years of experience
  • PHP MVC 4+ years of experience
  • Webservices REST 3+ years experience
  • GIT 3+ years experience
  • Client-side MVC 2+ years experience
  • JIRA 2+ years experience
  • Node.js 1+ year experience
    • Express
    • Mongoose
    • Socket.io
    • NPM
  • Bower 1+ year experience

...next tab: Ember.js, MongoDB and more!

Those are the ones I'm good, can use right away but I think there's room for improvement

  • EmberJS 1+ year experience
  • AngularJS 1+ year experience
  • Laravel Framework 2+ years of experience
  • Grunt, Gulp and Yeoman 1+ year experience
  • MySQL 4+ years experience
  • MongoDB 1+ year experience
  • Web Server configuration 3+ years experience
  • SYS Admin 1+ year experience

...next tab: Ruby on Rails, Symfony, Phalcon and more!

The list below brings the ones I know the basics, tried before but have no REAL experience.

  • SCRUM ready to learn...
  • TDD ready to learn...
  • Symfony PHP Framework ready to learn...
  • PhalconPHP Framework ready to learn...
  • Ruby on Rails ready to learn...
  • Sinatra ready to learn...
  • Your country's language =) ready to learn...

Fabio Vedovelli headshot


  • English speaker
  • Standards and design patterns
  • Always D.R.Y.


I usually work from home where I got high speed cable internet available all the time. My work environment consists in a MacBook Pro retina 15" with 2 additional screens (19" and 27"). I also have a good Samson microphone which I use for screencast recordings. I also use it for conference calls over Skype or GoToMeeting.

I live in Santo André/SP/Brazil and my time zone is UTC/GMT -3 hours.


The easiest way to get in touch is via Skype. My username is vedovelli.profissional and I'm always online! Just add me and let's talk!

If you just want to just drop a line my e-mail is [email protected].

Google+ is a very efficient way to communicate. The link to my profile is http://google.com/+FabioVedovelli.

Finally, use the form below to quickly reach me!